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Presumptuous Love

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
― Dr. Seuss

“Presumptuous Love”

Love is unexpected;
Advances suddenly and undetected.
Remains throughout the coldest frost;
Sometimes forgotten, but never lost.
The flower that smiles in the rain,
The sun that seeks to rise again,
The answer for every question thought,
The happiness that could not be bought.
The peace of honest reverie,
Eternity, in your loved one’s memory.


The Sad Unicorn’s Regret


The starry stars grew teary-eyed,
And windy Wind withheld a whorling air.
Sleeping songbirds simultaneously sighed
When they saw the unicorn there.

Was but a sweetened moment
Before the fog-fested, forgotten lake
When the unicorn did repent
Of her dreadful and daring mistake.

“I do so love him very much,”
She spake into the timeless pond.
With her porcelain rapier did she touch
The subtle wave, a blue-toned vagabond.

Inside the glass, she saw his face,
And her heart began to longingly leap,
But he could never endeavor to this place,
Save only in his slumbering sleep.

White Rose, White Rose


White rose, white rose
Why do you fade so quick?
Light goes, night grows,
Limp petals look so sick.

White rose, white rose,
Why fade before you bloom?
He froze, she knows,
Him from across the room.

White rose, white rose,
Why sleep before you rise?
She glows, he knows,
Shorelines in her eyes.

Dance and set your petals free.
Dance in stars and eternity.

Unicorn Princess (Chapter 1)

     White is the color of the flowers that bloom among the the edges of the garden paths. They all pretend to be smaller replicas of the full moon that reflects from the surface of the pond. This pond lies at the center of my garden. It’s glass-like sheen is buttoned up with rows of ever-blooming lily pads that the fireflies use to waltz upon through the waxing nights. Everything is perfect here. I know the exact time in the evening that the crickets sing and crescendo their hearts until the morning fog gently kisses this world of mine. The dawn blushes in each, new, perfect way, as though she never expected to be wakened once more by a diminishing night. I somehow have imagined to myself that each time the dawn rises, the night is slipping away. He waves softly to her just as she breaks, and his last memories slip beyond her view. She chases after him age after age, never attaining him but always in the same, repetitive circle because she is too blind to be anything other than what she thinks herself capable of being.

Am I like the dawn?

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Crumpled Hearts


Leaves that fall are crumpled hearts,
They sail down the river tide.
And that is how the leaf departs-
All floating hearts that died.

You picked mine up and looked to see
It soaked and bleeding wet.
Then back you set it upon the tree
And softly whispered, “Not yet.”

<<Poetry by ZeldaTetraSheik>>

Whimsy (Part 6 “Fin”)

1. No luck he found at freeing her hair
For the magician had wound them with his word.
Finally he knew what would free her from there;
It was something he once had heard.

2. Each blossom that held her tendrils fast
He gave the smallest kiss
Because only love can cure words of the past
And make them into nothingness.

3. Slowly each flower let her free
And released her from that snare.
The lad and Whimsy then did flee,
Without the sorcerer becoming aware.

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Whimsy (Part 5)

1. “I have expected you,” she suddenly said
To the man who wielded magic.
The man stopped and gazed instead
And pondered of her logic.

2. “So kidnap me now and take me thereof
To your unknown, darkened fortress.
For all maidens never find love
Until they are rescued from distress.”

3. “You will never be rescued,” cackled the man
As his staff drew in the dirt.
He cast up a spell, but she never ran.
Whimsy remained alert.

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