Merry Princess Unicorn

I am your merry princess unicorn
With ocean eyes and crystal horn.
Come with me beside the river
To watch the waves ripple and quiver
To watch the leaves float down thither
To watch them all wade and wither.

I am your merry princess unicorn
We dance all night until the morn.
Come with me and follow my lead
To see the flyers sing and plead
To see the doe coax her fawn to feed
To see the dewdrops let go a bead.

I am your merry princess unicorn
Do not look sad or be forlorn.
Come with me and at last be free
To walk the sand beside the sea
To walk, to tarry, but not to flee
To walk beside just me.

I am your merry princess unicorn
Only for you was I ever born.
So come with me, I am here
And never again know of hate or fear
And never again shed another tear
And never, will I ever, leave you, my dear.

<<Poetry by ZeldaTetraSheik>>


White Whispers

Sometimes words are like rain
And wash everything away
Like memories and pain
And every cloud-filled day.

Sometimes words are like snow
That bury you in frozen ground.
White whispers haunt you where you go
But you never utter a sound.

Crumpled Hearts


Leaves that fall are crumpled hearts,
They sail down the river tide.
And that is how the leaf departs-
All floating hearts that died.

You picked mine up and looked to see
It soaked and bleeding wet.
Then back you set it upon the tree
And softly whispered, “Not yet.”

<<Poetry by ZeldaTetraSheik>>

I Am A Unicorn

I am a unicorn. My hair slides along my graceful neck in pearlescent waves like frothy, ocean tides – brushing and crashing and whispering and falling back and never only in one place but never imperfect. Slender legs delicately press my hooves into the earth, and the ground feels honored at my presence. The Wind smells sweeter as it passes through my mane, though I do not smell sweetly myself. Unicorns do not smell like anything; but if they did smell like something, it would be the scents of Wisdom and Time that mingle in the airs around me- a swirling aura that I cannot escape from- that I was created with. I watch the world come and go and never forget, but I never stop to wonder where everything that used to be went. Am I a creature like the birds that wander in search of love and freedom? No. I do not search for anything. Am I presence like the Ocean that will only just forever exist without knowing her own purpose but filling it each day? No. I do not think I am void of feelings entirely or something made to serve and benefit. The Ocean has no desires that I know. Then again, just because I do not understand my own feelings does not mean that other things do not have any. Continue reading


When rain falls, you cannot stop it. The rain fell for me somewhat recently, and I could neither stop it nor enjoy it nor view it from the distance to prepare myself. The downpour was one of the kinds of rains that come unexpectedly and severely. The winds were so stormy that I watched as the world changed before me. What was fatefully uprooted will never be restored, but I do not find myself grieving. Things change around us every day. The ones who have survived storms are not those who are blessed to live in a place where storming is seldom. The ones who have survived storms are those who have learned to stand in tornadoes and realize that they can do nothing except watch and wait and pray. The ones who cope do not falsely hope for little change; but rather, immediately look for ways to better themselves after storms and adjust to their disheveled lives. Those who run to a place with little stormy weather are decieved. We will never exist without the storms. Just wait. They will find you. There is always another on its way.

God warned me of this kind of storm. He told me it was coming; and even though I did not heed his suggestion to flee away before it was too late, He still stayed with me, and He offered me His umbrella.


With words, we wait while wandering
Indefinitely, igniting inspirational
Sayings so sweetly sung-
Despite dictated dreams devouring
Our ominous opinions or
Making masterfully misanthropic misleadings.

The Solitudinarian

One time, the Activist was talking to the Socialite. In the midst of their ongoing debate, the Teacher approached. As the Teacher proceeded to tell the Activist and the Socialite why they were both incorrect in their musings, the Egoist overheard the conversation but continued walking by because he thought that they were all wrong and was offended by the suggestions which countered his own ideas. The Socialite nodded his head without any notion of what was happening while the Activist spoke words that attempted to contradict the Teacher, but they only came out as disassembled phrases of things he once had heard.

It was then that the Peacemonger passed by and secured heavy tape across the mouths of all who were involved in the raucous debate, but the plan backfired as soon as the individuals managed to scrape the sticky strips from their faces and used it to tie up the Peacemonger so that he could no longer interfere with their very serious discussion. This all happened as the Independent came near and thought it was none of his business but got on top of a box and started to talk about something he did believe in that had nothing to do with anything, and the Introvert skidded away at the first sighting of possible confrontation.

Many words came from the mouths of the Teacher and the Activist with a small, needless accompaniment of the Socialite who only wondered if he would be late for his meeting. The Independent laughed slightly at the uproar and continued his speech, and the Peacemonger warbled beneath the confines of tape when the Introvert sent up a silent prayer for all of them. The Egoist was already far-gone at this point, reveling in each haughty step he took at his own amazement of how much better off he was in his thoughts than all of them, even though he never fully heard what they were actually talking about.

With all of this, the Solitudinarian stood at his window, drinking in every word and motion that passed on the street. He remained staring at them with his mouth shut, being the only person who heard them because they could not hear the other over themselves or their thoughts. He stayed  there even after they had all left in disgruntled, defeated strides as he thought about every word that each one of them had said.

With solitude, comes silence.

With silence, comes the ability to hear.

Listening harbors great wisdom.