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Presumptuous Love

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
― Dr. Seuss

“Presumptuous Love”

Love is unexpected;
Advances suddenly and undetected.
Remains throughout the coldest frost;
Sometimes forgotten, but never lost.
The flower that smiles in the rain,
The sun that seeks to rise again,
The answer for every question thought,
The happiness that could not be bought.
The peace of honest reverie,
Eternity, in your loved one’s memory.




Gulls do swim throughout the sky
As sailing boats have learned to fly.
Shells are speckled memories
Which dot the seaweed-laden quarries.
What is seaweed- but mermaid hair?
Left behind from when they were there
To bind seeking hearts forever to this place,
To pull them in with wantonly grace,
To secure their darkened spirits to this land,
To leave them shackled in the sand,
With silence and smiling lack of reprimand.

The Sad Unicorn’s Regret


The starry stars grew teary-eyed,
And windy Wind withheld a whorling air.
Sleeping songbirds simultaneously sighed
When they saw the unicorn there.

Was but a sweetened moment
Before the fog-fested, forgotten lake
When the unicorn did repent
Of her dreadful and daring mistake.

“I do so love him very much,”
She spake into the timeless pond.
With her porcelain rapier did she touch
The subtle wave, a blue-toned vagabond.

Inside the glass, she saw his face,
And her heart began to longingly leap,
But he could never endeavor to this place,
Save only in his slumbering sleep.

Personal Username Change

I’ll be changing my username on here soon, so when “Arielle Solkovica” pops up on your feed with new stories and poetry, don’t be alarmed. It’s still me! I’m just changing my username to something more suitable for a writer. I hope everyone enjoys what I write.


When rain falls, you cannot stop it. The rain fell for me somewhat recently, and I could neither stop it nor enjoy it nor view it from the distance to prepare myself. The downpour was one of the kinds of rains that come unexpectedly and severely. The winds were so stormy that I watched as the world changed before me. What was fatefully uprooted will never be restored, but I do not find myself grieving. Things change around us every day. The ones who have survived storms are not those who are blessed to live in a place where storming is seldom. The ones who have survived storms are those who have learned to stand in tornadoes and realize that they can do nothing except watch and wait and pray. The ones who cope do not falsely hope for little change; but rather, immediately look for ways to better themselves after storms and adjust to their disheveled lives. Those who run to a place with little stormy weather are decieved. We will never exist without the storms. Just wait. They will find you. There is always another on its way.

God warned me of this kind of storm. He told me it was coming; and even though I did not heed his suggestion to flee away before it was too late, He still stayed with me, and He offered me His umbrella.

Window Face

“Good morning, Window. I have come to sit by you again,” I said as I took my seat in the delightfully plush, cushioned seat. I looked outside to see the hazy sun of the Genial Season pressing its yellowy hues into the plant life of the manor gardens.

Then, the Window spoke to me.

“What’s that?” I said. “You say it is too early? No. No. No. No. Window, I have always known that as soon as I can manage to walk 1,498 times around the perimeters of my bedroom after lunch that it is always time. I have lived here my entire life, after all. I would think that I would know how to estimate how long it takes for the events which occur to happen in my window. Silly, Window.”

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Happy Easter


We apparently like to celebrate holidays

wherein we don’t even remember the true meaning at all.


On a second note, here is an absolutely adorable bunny.