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A New Year

Goodbye Year.
The Time has passed.
I will not miss the dips in the waves
Or my laughing mirror,
Or my haunting past,
Or my memory’s departed graves.

Hello Year.
It was a dream.
I awoke and now I see the light
And my future here,
And my self-esteem,
And the roses that fully bloom white.


White Rose, White Rose


White rose, white rose
Why do you fade so quick?
Light goes, night grows,
Limp petals look so sick.

White rose, white rose,
Why fade before you bloom?
He froze, she knows,
Him from across the room.

White rose, white rose,
Why sleep before you rise?
She glows, he knows,
Shorelines in her eyes.

Dance and set your petals free.
Dance in stars and eternity.

Merry Princess Unicorn

I am your merry princess unicorn
With ocean eyes and crystal horn.
Come with me beside the river
To watch the waves ripple and quiver
To watch the leaves float down thither
To watch them all wade and wither.

I am your merry princess unicorn
We dance all night until the morn.
Come with me and follow my lead
To see the flyers sing and plead
To see the doe coax her fawn to feed
To see the dewdrops let go a bead.

I am your merry princess unicorn
Do not look sad or be forlorn.
Come with me and at last be free
To walk the sand beside the sea
To walk, to tarry, but not to flee
To walk beside just me.

I am your merry princess unicorn
Only for you was I ever born.
So come with me, I am here
And never again know of hate or fear
And never again shed another tear
And never, will I ever, leave you, my dear.

<<Poetry by ZeldaTetraSheik>>

White Whispers

Sometimes words are like rain
And wash everything away
Like memories and pain
And every cloud-filled day.

Sometimes words are like snow
That bury you in frozen ground.
White whispers haunt you where you go
But you never utter a sound.

Crumpled Hearts


Leaves that fall are crumpled hearts,
They sail down the river tide.
And that is how the leaf departs-
All floating hearts that died.

You picked mine up and looked to see
It soaked and bleeding wet.
Then back you set it upon the tree
And softly whispered, “Not yet.”

<<Poetry by ZeldaTetraSheik>>


With words, we wait while wandering
Indefinitely, igniting inspirational
Sayings so sweetly sung-
Despite dictated dreams devouring
Our ominous opinions or
Making masterfully misanthropic misleadings.

Whimsy (Part 6 “Fin”)

1. No luck he found at freeing her hair
For the magician had wound them with his word.
Finally he knew what would free her from there;
It was something he once had heard.

2. Each blossom that held her tendrils fast
He gave the smallest kiss
Because only love can cure words of the past
And make them into nothingness.

3. Slowly each flower let her free
And released her from that snare.
The lad and Whimsy then did flee,
Without the sorcerer becoming aware.

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