The Lonely Ocean


The lonely Ocean is filled with many things both known and unknown, but being filled with beautiful things does not make her any less lonely. She is mysterious. She is wondered and awed. She is beautiful, but that does not make her any less lonely. She hides many wondrous things inside of her that no one ever seas unless they specifically look for them. Stray dolphins porpoise to the surface, spraying tendrils of thought into the open to be viewed by those who never knew of the beautiful things inside of the Ocean, like a sudden spark of genius that randomly sprouted against a shy prodigy’s will, and everyone will look at it.

     The Ocean is still lonely. She rages in loneliness, being driven by the slaver-driver Moon to be crashed and beaten against a bed of spoky rocks when all that she ever meant to do was be who she truly was. Hauntingly, she ripples against the sunset blushes. Tattered waves shiver and diminish into calm.

She is still lonely. Though she is filled with marvelous things, she wanders from sunset to sunset in search of something she doesn’t understand in waves and courses of Time. Death and Life flow through her as the Ages pass, but the Ocean never gets any wiser. She never grows. She never pauses. She hurts others unintentionally but never learns. People look at her for many hours to be enthralled by tragic beauty and silence, never knowing why they think she is beautiful but only understanding that she is. Maybe the Ocean isn’t beautiful at all; it is just the reflection of the full Moon from her obedient, exterior surface undulations.

“Quiet. You will be more beautiful this way, Ocean.
People will never know the beauty inside of you, so let us paint
the silent, silvery face on your outsides so that,
despite your loneliness,
you may still be admired.”

That is what the Moon said.

She complied.

Are you like the Ocean?


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