The Life of the Flower


Dear Blog.

One time, a person stated to me that they could not figure out why it was a custom for people to give “dying flowers” to people they like.

I said:

“The life of a rose is very beautiful. It blooms and dies for the sole purpose of providing happiness to another. I find it to be honorable.”

A flower is not ugly, though it knows it will die shortly after you pluck it from its source. The life of a flower is very short, but that does not stop it or hinder it from expressing its true beauty. It shines as powerfully as it possibly can for those whom it was meant to shine for, before slowly letting Death overtake it, accepting its destiny and doing its best to fulfill it before it fades. The flower does not shine any less though it fully knows that it will not live long. It lives solely for the main purpose of bringing a smile to those in need, a more noble pursuit than any other.

If a knight needs a smile, give him a maiden in a tower.                                                If a maiden needs a smile, give her a single, solitary flower.


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